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  Kidder - Cleveland - Clough Trail

Trail Number:  11  Trail Length:  .7 Miles 
Difficulty:  Moderate   Trailhead GPS:  
Trail Adopter:      

  Trail Description

This trail system in the center of town provides a connection from Birch Acres, via the KCC Extension Trail, to Pleasant St., the Elementary School, Spring Ledge Farm and Main Street. Parking is available behind the old middle school. Much of the trail passes through a beaver meadow and is rich with flora and fauna. The segment of the trail from Pleasant Street to Red Brook (WP6 to WP5 on the map) is under reconstruction. After several years of flooding, the boardwalks and bridges in this portion are being replaced and restored. Completion is expected in 2021. There is a bench and viewing platform a short way west from Pleasant Street.

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  Trail Map

Kidder-Cleveland-Clough Map


Kidder Cleveland Clough Trail

Trail View - Photo by Peter Brodeur

Kidder Cleveland Clough Trail

Boardwalk Section - Photo by Bob Crane

Kidder Cleveland Clough

Trail Bridge - Photo by Bob Crane