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  Wolf Tree Trail  (SRKG)

Trail Number:  26  Trail Length:  1.6 Miles (one way) 
Difficulty:  Moderate/Steep   Trailhead GPS:  
Trail Adopter:      

  Trail Description

This trail is named for the unusually large crowned "wolf trees" standing in the largely second-growth forest that dominate their environment.  An interpretive brochure is available here for downloading.  The Wolf Tree Trail (SRKG in red on map) starts at the parking area (P) on Lakeshore Road, intersects with the Great Brook Trail (SRKG, also known here as Cocoa's Path, in green on map at waypoint WT1), proceeds uphill to the intersection with the Webb Forest Trail (WT2), then to the intersection with the Bunker Loop Trail (WT3), to the other end of the Webb Forest Trail (WT4), to the connector trail (WT5) then along the Wilmot, New London town line to terminate at the Webb Forest Trail (WT6). Several loops can be made using the Bunker Loop Trail and the Great Brook Trail or in combination with sections of the Webb Forest Trail. The trail extends 1.6 miles (one way), rises 670 feet from Lakeshore Road to the intersection with the connector and then descends 220 feet along the town line.
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  Trail Map

Wolf Tree Map

  Elevation Information

Wolf Tree Elevationenlarged elevation


Spring pic

Junction of Wolf Tree, Webb Forest, and Langenau Forest trails. - Picture by Mark Vernon